Brute Force aka Stephen Friedland author and performer of the legendary single King of Fuh on Apple records continues working on new recordings for an upcoming album

March 2022 Republic Records signs Father/Son duo Jim and Sasha Allen, semi finalists in the recent season of “The Voice” on NBC. Steve Addabbo produced and mixed a 4 Track EP slated for release Sept 9, 2022

Leonard Cohen Live mixes of the infamous 1972 European Tour were mixed by Steve Addabbo for a live concert film in the works

2022 started with Steve Addabbo mixing another Bob Dylan Bootleg series box set which will be announced late summer for a Fall 2022 release

2020 Leni Stern and Band have been tracking and mixing a new record with Steve Addabbo. More to come in February 2021

Before the shutdown hit NYC, we were working on Bruce Sudano’s Spirals Vols 1 and 2. Mixing was finished in Sept and Oct. Bruce was stuck in LA, so using Audiomover’s ListenTo plugin made the mix go smoothly.

Joshua Garcia was here in the early part of the year finishing recording his debut album with producers Jagoda and Sophie Buskin. Mixing resumed in September and the first pre-release single “Everybody’s Quiet” was released in November.

Ken Ramm and Steve Addabbo continue collaboration on new material for Ramm’s ongoing Euphoria project

Diana Jones completed her Song To A Refugee album which is #1 on the 2020 EuroAmericana chart and her most recent Holy Apostles track to benefit the Holy Apostles soup kitchen on the Lower East Side.

Our two track tape machines were busy doing lots of archival digital transfer work for SONY including Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and many titles from 1970.

Bob Dylan’s “The Cutting Edge” 18 CD box set, mixed by Steve Addabbo with Steve Berkowitz, has won Best Historical Album at the 2017 GRAMMYs. Congratulations on winning the Grammy Steve!!

Winter/Spring 2016 Ian McDonald mixed “Honey West” his new album with engineer Tim Hatfield

Steve Addabbo producing Richard Barone’s “Sorrow’s and Promises” tribute to 1960’s songwriters of Greenwich Village

James Farber mixed an album for Fred Hersch

The Jeff Buckley sessions recorded by Steve Addabbo in 1993 have been released in March 2016 called “You and I” by SONY Legacy

Another Self Portrait, Bob Dylan’s newest Bootleg Series 10 was mixed by Steve Addabbo and Steve Berkowitz. Voted number one reissue of 2013 by Rolling Stone

Marc Cohn and John Levanthal used our Yamaha C5 Grand piano to track a tune for the upcoming Treeman film with Joe Bonadio providing percussion backing.

David MansfieldGil Goldstein and Louis Cato tracked a soundtrack for a Scholastic short with acoustic piano,saxophone, acoustic bass and drums, all live, no overdubs

Young Guru has been filming classes for in our control room

Music Supervisor Eric Johnson from Search Party Music and Ed Razzano from BMG Publishing led a NARIP music pitch session. This is a continuing series we have been hosting at our studio for the past two years.

Ian McDonald was in working on his new record with engineer Tim Hatfield assisted by Will Szent-Miklosy

Recent soundtrack, Foley and ADR work was completed on Troma Films upcoming Return to Nukem High and Greetings From Tim Buckley released by Tribeca Films

Ana Egge is tracking a new record with The Stray Birds

This fall has been terrific: sessions with Bobby McFerrin, Gil Goldstein, Charley Drayton, Steve Holley, Eric Andersen, Larry Campbell, Lenny Kaye, The BMI String Workshop with Rick Baitz, Deni Bonet, Screen Yahooand The Failure Club

The upcoming film “Greetings From Tim Buckley” has been doing re-records with actor Penn Badgley and director Dan Algrant

Val Ghent tracked two tunes with Bernard Davis,Tinker Barfield and Ann Klein live using our new vocal/iso booth

Richard Barone remastered his original “Cool Blue Halo” album from the original half-inch analog tapes with Steve Addabbo

Roberta Flack was in with Jason Miles for his Global Noize project along with Emily Bindiger and Falou

Kurt Rosenwinkel mixed his new double album Star of Jupiter with James Farber and Steve Paelet assisting

Larry Campbell and Gil Goldstein were working with Bobby McFerrin on new material for an upcoming album

Ann Hampton Callaway was in working on Tracy Stark’s album with Richard Barone producing

Production team 1984 did a track with RCA band New Politics

Skoota Warner mixing his album with Brandon Mason at the board

Vince Giordano was in with producer Stewart Lerman tracking piano for the upcoming season of Boardwalk Empire

Steve Shapiro recorded strings and horns for a new Disney/Pixar TV spot

Steve Addabbo did the sound editing and 5.1 sound mix for the upcoming music film “Who’s Gonna Save You” by Robby Romero

Drummer Steve Holley was in tracking for Arturo Mayorga with Corin Nelsen engineering

Eric Andersen and Steve Addabbo are working on new tracks for an upcoming new album for Eric titled “The Next Wave”

James Farber mixed Duduka da Fonseca’s new album

Deni Bonet was in tracking and mixing with producer Richard Barone for her new album It’s All Good with Steve Addabbo playing guitar and mixing

Brandon Mason was in mixing Ed Pastorini’s new project

Jodi Shaw tracking strings and mixing her new album In Waterland with Steve Addabbo

Richard Barone put the finishing touches on his album GLOW released on Bar None Records Steve Addabbo and Tony Visconti produced

Congrats to Cynthia Hsiung and Jessica Caban for winning Best Director and Best Actress at the Boston International Film Festival for “Are You For Great Sex?

Kaelin Garity and Sam Bisbee tracked three new songs with Steve Addabbo

James Farber mixed Russian pianist Ivan Farmakovsky‘s new album

Steve Addabbo mixed Alexander Berne‘s new multitimbral project Flickers

James Farber was in with Kurt Rosenwinkel mixing his new album in which he performed with Orquestra Jazz de Matosinhos from Portugal

John DeNicola brought iin the original 24 track demo of his hit song”The Time of Our Lives” for transfer to Pro Tools from our A-800 Studer 24 track machine

Sam Bisbee was in tracking a new tune with Bob Power producing and Ray Aldaco engineering

Deni Bonet was in tracking two songs with Paul Bevan producing and Steve Addabbo engineering

Nafsica and Steve Addabbo scored the film ” Are You For Great Sex?” for director Cynthia Hsiung

Eric Jordan Young tracked vocals with Lorenzo Toppano

Barbara Feldon recorded her book “Living Alone and Loving It” for Artist Share Records with Steve Addabbo engineering and Brian Camillio producing

Mark Swersky was in with Open Til Midnight tracking for an upcoming release with Tony Black engineering

Julian Casablancas from the Strokes was in with Ray Aldaco
finishing up tracks for his solo release

Tim Sommer was in with engineer Mark Dearnley tracking The Indecent

Joan Osborne did vocals for an upcoming Jimmy Barnes album with Steve Addabbo engineering Meshell Ndegeocello tracked a session with Steve Addabbo engineering

Richard Barone brought Tiny Tim’s 1976 recording of “Straight Banana” for a huge overdub session, with Steve Addabbo, Terre Roche, Deni Bonet, Anthony DeCurtis

Steve Addabbo mixed albums for Julian Shore and Billy Simons

John Patatucci
 mixed his new record with Joe Barbaria engineering for Concord Records

Ivan Lins sang a duet with Giovanna Moretti for her new album
with Steve Addabbo producing

Kate Schutt mixed her new album with Michael Philip Wojewoda

Ike Sturm was in mixing his Jazz Mass with Aya Takamura Ana Egge mixed her new album “Road To My Love” with Jason Mercer producing and Steve Addabbo mixing

Jeff Young 
was in Jorgen Carlsson producing and Steve Holroyd engineering
tracking a four piece horn section

Bob Power cut drums and piano for Andrea Wittgens upcoming release

Russ De Salvo came in with the legendary keyboardist Shane Keister to track
on our B-3, Wurlitzer electric piano and Yamaha C-5 Grand piano

We welcome BreakthruRadio.Com who have recorded over 200 shows here featuring some great indy artists including Ra Ra RiotLucy Wainwright-Roche Mieka Pauly, David Ford, Richard Barone and Matt Keating

Richard Barone produced Johnny Rodgers’ new album which includes a duet with Liza Minelli, Addabbo engineered and mixed

Michael Imperiale of the Soprano’s tracked his band with Freddy Katz producing and engineering

Ingrid Michaelson tracked vocals and piano with Kenny Gioia and Shep Goodman behind the board

James Farber mixed new albums for Francisco Pais’ and Rebecca Martin

Steve Addabbo produced “Glow”, a new single for Richard Barone using the new Gibson six string digital Les Paul Guitar

Stewart Lerman tracked guitars for Greta’s Kitchen

Steve Addabbo producing an album for indy rockers The Headie BerrieAl Kooper tracked two tunes for his new album with Steve Addabbo and mixed the album with Chris Abell

Toots and the Maytals put some finishing touches and remixed some tracks for their upcoming release in Jamaica. Steve Addabbo mixed and Richard Feldman produced

Producer Bob Power is tracking piano with our Yamaha C5 grand and Hammond B-3 for Guyora for Warner Chappell

Dar Williams doing some post work and 5.1 mixing with Steve Addabbo for an upcoming Live DVD from Razor and Tie

Olivia Newton-John doing some post work with Amy Sky producing for upcoming Ford Theatre Christmas Special

Christina Beaty cut an EP with Leo Sidran producing, Steve Addabbo and Matt Gill behind the board for Blue Note

Michelle Pirret recorded and mixed two tracks for Bernie Bierman’s new album (He’s 99 by the way!)

Jonathan Kreisberg mixed his new album with James Farber

Chris Thile was in overdubbing for Kate Rusby’s new album with Jason Marcucci engineering

Chiara Civello recorded and mixed a new album for Universal ItalySteve Addabbo producing

Dave Seitz mixed tracks for Pete Seeger w/Bruce Springsteen and for
Bonnie Raitt 
for Appleseed’s upcoming Homeless Project

David Bason was in doing a reggae dub mix with Steve Addabbo

Bill Mc Henry mixed his new album with Aya Takamura engineering

Nat Wolff of Naked Brothers (Nickelodeon) recorded vocals with Dan Wise producing

Richard Barone restored and mastered archival Bongos tracks for Cooking Vinyl with Steve A

Tim Robbins read for an Appleseed records project

Broadway-Theatre Group tracked piano and vocals for their new production Golden Cars

Jill Gioa cut drums and piano for a single for Breaking Records

Roy Ayers mixed a new album with John Hancock engineering

Dekel Bor tracked new EP with Bob Sadin producing

Moby tracked his band live with Dave Seitz engineering

Jess King recorded a 5 song EP with Steve Addabbo

Lizz Wright and Toshi Reagon worked on an upcoming Verve release with Steve Addabbo

Steve Berlin of Los Lobos stopped in to track some Bari sax on John< Wesley Harding’s upcoming Album, Dave Seitz producing

Madeline Peyroux tracked with Bob Sadin and Dave Darlington

Junior Sanchez/Ray Martin remix Jessica Simpson,Good Charlotte

Andy Narell recorded Mike Stern and David Sanchez

Steve Addabbo mixed Ana Egge’s new LAZY project

Junior Sanchez/Ray Martin Remix Madonna single

Louden Wainwright III’s 1976 Album T shirt and 1978 album Final Exam restored, digitally transferred and mastered by Steve Addabbo

Aya Takamura did vocals and mixed the new Theo Bleckmunn album

ANDREW W.K. overdubbing for up coming release with Ted Young

NY DOLLS!!!! Jack Douglas and Jay Messinafor Roadrunner Records

Brokeback Mountain Soundtrack Album(2 Cuts)Verve

Steve Addabbo Mixing tracks for Sonya Kitchell Starbucks/Velour

LOGAN mixing new album with David Seitz

Rufus Blaq tracking with Dave Winslow for Yellowman LLC

Action Reaction Tracking and mixing by Ray Martin

The Medics– producer John DeNicola Mastered by Steve Addabbo

Lizzie West David Seitz Producing and mixing for Appleseed release

Coles Whelan: Tracking new tunes for Ep

Rufus Wainwright/Teddy Thompson for Verve

Dick Kondas mixing Pieces of 8 for Town Crier records

Kip Hanrahan: tracking and mixing 2 albums

Rebecca Martin:mixed by James Farber for Maxjazz

Chiara Civello: producer Russ Titelman for Verve

Red Thunder PSA for MTV(produced & cowritten by Steve Addabbo)

Roy: Mixed by Kevin Killen

Jonathan Kreisberg: Mixed by Joe Ferla

Dar Williams Live/itunes Mixed by Steve Addabbo for Razor & Tie

M’shell Ndegeocello: Current Maverick Release

Demolition String Band: Ola Belle Reed Tribute

Patti Rothberg: “Double Standard” Release Feb 2004

The Thrills: Mixing Live tracks for Virgin Records


“Boardwalk Empire,” Rufus Wainwright and Hal Willner, Robby Romero to NYC’s Shelter Island Sound
Shelter Island Sound has hosted a number of recording and mixing sessions for TV, film and album projects recently including HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, and the upcoming music film, Who’s Gonna Save You, by Robby Romero.

Shelter Island Sound Hosts NARIP Music Supervisor Sessions
September 15, an intimate group of 15 guests will meet with a music producer from a major NYC ad agency, and pitch them for current opportunities.

Recording Sweet Spot: Shelter Island Sound
Live room vibe is great for singers and string dates…

Richard Barone Collaborates with Tony Visconti On His Latest, “Glow”
“Walking through Manhattan, I started hearing the arpeggio chords of ‘Glow’ in my head. Then some words and a melody became attached, set to the rhythm of my walking. When I got to the studio, I couldn’t wait to show Steve the guitar, plug it in and demonstrate the possibilities. I started playing ‘Glow’ and asked if we could record it. It was amazing how quickly it came together.”


So Close by Nafsica
Written by Nafsica(BMI) and Steve Addabbo(ASCAP), produced by Steve at Shelter Island Sound.

Flickers of Mime by Alexander Berne
Mixed by Steve Addabbo

Nobody’s House–Chase the Devil (Gary Lucas and Dean Bowman) by garylucas
Engineered by Steve Addabbo at Shelter Island Sound NYC
The album was short-listed as Best Blues Album of the Year in the DOWNBEAT Reader’s Poll Dec. 2011 issue


Who’s Gonna Save You?
Steve Addabbo co-wrote and did the sound editing and 5.1 sound mix for the music film “Who’s Gonna Save You” by Robby Romero. (Click Here…)