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Jeff Buckley: “You and I”, “In Transition” Columbia Records
Bob Dylan: “Springtime In New York” Columbia Records 2021
Bob Dylan: “Travelin Through” Columbia Records 2019
Bob Dylan: “More Blood, More Tracks” Columbia Records 2018
Bob Dylan: “Trouble No More” Columbia Records 2017
Bob Dylan: “The Cutting Edge” Columbia Records GRAMMY WINNER 2016
Bob Dylan : “Another Self Portrait” Columbia Records 2015
The Staple Singers: “Freedom Highway” Columbia Records
Bobby McFerrin: “Spirit You All”
Richard Barone: “Sorrows and Promises Greenwich Village in the 60s” The Orchard
Steve Addabbo: “Out of Nothing” AGF Records
Kurt Rosenwinkel : “Star of Jupiter”
Chiara Civello: “The Space Between” Universal Italy released Sept 2007
Brokeback Mountain: Rufus Wainwright/Teddy Thompson Verve
Sonya Kitchell: “Cold Day” Velour
Sonya Kitchell: “Words Came Back To Me” Starbucks
Paula Cole: “Harbinger”, “This Fire”
Donna Lewis: “Donna Lewis”( I LoveYou Always Forever)
Lilith Fair: Vols. 1,2,3
Dar Williams: “Green World”, “Beauty of the Rain”, “Are YouOut There Live” Razor and Tie
Darden Smith: “Deep Fantastic Blue”
Jason Miles: “Global Noize”, “Weather Report Tribute”, “Ivan Lins Tribute”, “To Grover With Love”, “Brazilian Nights”
Suzanne Vega: “Suzanne Vega”, “Solitude Standing” A&M
Shawn Colvin: “Steady On”, “Cover Girl”, “A Few Small Repairs”, “Holiday Lullabyes”, “Brand New You” Columbia
Skeleton Key: “Fantastic Spikes”
Deadicated: Grateful Dead Tribute
Once Blue: “Once Blue” EMI
Bleecker Street Greenwich Village in the 60’s
Suzzy Roche: “Holy Smokes”
Louden Wainwright III: “Little Ships”
Patty Larkin: “Strangers World”
Agents of Good Roots
Homer Erotic: “Homerica”
Babe The Blue Ox
Lori Carson: New release
Lullabye Baxter Trio: “Capable Egg”
Gov’t Mule, Galatic: Summer Sessions
Stretch Princess: “Sorry”- single version
Will Downing: Latest Motown Release
Jane Olivor: “Love Decides” Varese Sarabande Records
Citizen Cope:Dreamworks
Love Seed Mama Jump: Plump/Artemis
Brian Kennedy: Sony Ireland
Demolition String Band: “Pulling Up Atlantis”, Okra-Tone
Julia Douglass: “In Scarsdale” Smirk Records
Jodi Shaw: “The Pie-Love Sky” Big Head Records
Bethany Wild: “Closer To You” Tsukimaro Records
Freddy Cole: “In The Name of Love” Telarc
Laura Wolfe: “Siren” Summer 2004


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